Our Story

Our family has always spent our weekends and vacations on the lakes in Muskoka and on Georgian Bay, either in the boat or on the dock while the kids swim, tube and ski. We grew up on the lake and want our kids to have the same experiences enjoying all of the fun at the cottage and outdoors. We also know how strong the sun is today and the need to protect baby's and kid's skin is extremely important. 

As a mom, I was constantly concerned about when the sunscreen was applied last and if their shoulders were getting a little red? I know that it is not recommended to put sunscreen on babies under six months. So we were creating what I call 'towel tents' to protect the babies until either they moved or the sun moved. 

When we did try to put sun shirts or rash guards on the little ones, it was a fight to get anything over the head (even before going into the water) and it always seems the neck hole shrinks when wet. I tried other sunsuits but the material rode up the legs, once again exposing more skin.

I found myself wishing there was more protection for the girls so my daughter’s legs were protected when in the sun on the boat and in the water all day. Then I found myself wishing she could get a shirt on and off herself without ‘jerseying’ herself everyone would be happier, as she is independent and would rather do things herself.

I thought if I could solve these issues with sun protective clothing to fit them better but also make my life easier that would be great! But if I could create a product for my kids that aligns with my own values to ensure we were made in Canada, had exceptional quality, were sustainably made and environmentally conscious in my choice of fabric and patterns for the next generations, that would be even better!

So I designed my own sun protective clothing, then I tested my samples on my own kids (for a whole summer). In the lake, pool, tubing, waterskiing, boating and the list goes on. My favourite feedback was my daughter's for the shorts “I just never want to take them off". These swim and sun suits combined the best parts of rash guards with sun shirts and became the go-to for the kids and for me so I didn't have to worry about covering them in sunscreen.

I hope Sun Safe On The Lake can provide you with peace of mind and convenience to enjoy your summers on the lake too! 


Jen & The Family