How to Stay Warm Outdoors This Winter

How to Stay Warm Outdoors This Winter

Why are the kids always so warm outside and need to take off their jacket, then hat, then mitts? When you feel their little hands though, they really are warm!! Compared to my frozen fingers anyways. 

So whats their secret? 

1. Move it, move it! They really do like to! They run and skip and jump and crawl. I don't think I've ever seen a kid just standing there. 

2. They are fully dressed for the weather (because us parents make sure of it!)

To help us out and be able to stay outside longer with them here's a couple tips to stay warm! 

1. Wear snowpants! No they aren't just for kids, skiing/snowboarding, snowmobiling. They can be worn anytime outdoors and I promise you'll be warmer! That windchill can't get through. 

2. Wear a proper insulated winter jacket. I find if I wear one without the powder skirt snaps the wind goes right through me! 

3. Wear winter boots, not the stylish ones for just hopping in the car, but the full winter insulated boots. It's not about the looks, it's about heat! I look like I have Ninja Turtle feet in my Dunlops, but they work! Your kids will never care anyways, they'll just remember you spending time with them!

4. Accessories: a Winter toque (our Winter On The Lake toques are my personal favourite . . . and everyone else's because I can never find one). Big winter mitts or gloves that are water resistant. Thick and comfy socks to go with those warm boots! A neck warmer/balaclava (depending on the temperature and wind). This also protects your face from any harmful UV rays and reflection from the snow. 

5. Move it! Run or walk, shovel snow, skate, pull those toboggans back up the hill, just keep moving! 

6. Bring a warm drink in a thermos, I find even a hot chocolate at the hockey rink keeps me warm in the really cold arenas! 

Do you have any tips to stay warm and have fun outdoors this winter?

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