Protecting Your Eyes: The Truth About Polarized Sunglasses

Protecting Your Eyes: The Truth About Polarized Sunglasses

What you might not have known about me is that I was an optician (years ago). I worked with everything related to eyes, from glasses and contact lenses to sunglasses. This experience gave me an in-depth understanding of different brands and the unique features of various sunnies. Today, I want to emphasize the importance of protecting your eyes from the sun (as well as your skin). We only have two eyes, and they provide us with a lifetime of sight. If you've ever worked with anyone who is considered low vision or legally blind, you might be even more aware of how crucial it is to protect our eyes.

Let’s Chat Sunnies

Yes, I'll always call them sunnies. I think I picked it up in Australia, and it just stuck with me. Recently, I conducted a poll on social media, and overwhelmingly, people said polarized sunnies protect the eyes more. This isn't true. Polarized sunglasses reduce glare and make it much more comfortable for people to see. Just like other sunnies, polarized sunnies have 100% UV Protection to ensure sun protection, but they also have the added feature of polarization. While polarization is not needed for UV protection, in certain situations, it definitely helps.

The Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are particularly beneficial in the following situations:

  • Fishing and Boating: They cut down on reflected light, making it easier to see into the water rather than just the sunlight bouncing off the surface. This is incredibly helpful when looking for fish, rocks, or shoals.
  • Driving: Polarized lenses reduce glare from the sun, especially when driving into the sun or on wet roads. They can also help with glare reflected off surfaces.
  • Snow: They reduce the glare from sunlight reflecting off snow, making it safer and more comfortable to see on those bright winter days.

For those who spend a lot of time on the water, a comfy pair of polarized sunnies can make all the difference. My personal favourite brand is Maui Jim. Once you look through those lenses, you might not go back to anything else.

The Most Important Factor: UV Protection

Regardless of whether you choose polarized lenses or not, the most crucial feature to look for in sunnies is 100% UV protection. This ensures that your eyes are protected from the harmful effects of the sun's rays.

Sun Safe’s Polarized Kids Sunnies

If you're looking for kids' sunnies that are polarized and float (just in case they are dropped overboard), Sun Safe has a line of these too! They are designed to keep your little ones' eyes protected while providing the added benefit of polarization and the practicality of floating.

In conclusion, while polarized sunglasses are fantastic for reducing glare and improving comfort in certain situations, they are not inherently better for UV protection. Always ensure your sunnies have 100% UV protection to stay sun safe. Whether you prefer polarized or non-polarized lenses, protecting your eyes from the sun should always be a priority.

Stay sun safe and enjoy your sunnies!



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