Self-Care for Moms - "You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup"

Self-Care for Moms - "You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup"

We, as moms, are constantly running, to work, pick up, drop off, grab groceries, clean out, get dinner and the list could go on and on! I truly believe in the saying "you can't pour from an empty cup" - Anonymous. 

I believe we can't continue this running for everyone if we have no time for ourselves. The struggle and biggest question is how? How do I make time for myself? We barely make it on time to anything, or we are always late! 

I hear you and I struggle too! Taking time for myself helps me to be a healthier, more patient mom, and better person in general!

It drives me nuts when people tell me I need to get up earlier, (before my kids wake up) to have time to myself. My kids wake up just after 5am and I refuse to get up before that!

So I'm breaking down what I do and how I find the time to do these things. So here are a few simple things I do daily and I find make a huge difference!

1. Meditate - And no you don't need the perfect quiet corner. Use an app to get you started. I use the Calm app and I've been listening to the "Daily Jay" for over a year now. It's 7 minutes, so it doesn't take long and it's a good starting point. But when? Well, for me it's in the shower in the mornings. So I'm challenging you to find 7 minutes, whatever that might look like to you. Maybe it's at night once everyone else is asleep. There are some great sleep meditations on the app too if you have trouble falling asleep or getting back to sleep (nighttime feedings).

2. Exercise - Just move! There is so much research confirming that we need to move it, move it! When I'm done my 7 minute meditation, before I'm out of the bathroom I do some morning stretches. How else can you move? Go for a walk at lunch, it doesn't have to be long, you can set the timer for 10 minutes, yay for moving! Getting home from work/school and in a panic to make dinner with exhausted and cranky kids? I put on a dance mix on Spotify and make it a kitchen dance party where everyone shows their dance moves, so start dancing! 

3. Eat healthy - it's hard when you're trying to make sure the kids have all the good things, but make sure you have your vitamins, etc. While the kids are eating breakfast I make myself a smoothie and I find not only is it filling and I don't resort to junk but they are actually really good! 

4. Make time for friends - It doesn't always have to be a trip away but even catching up over a coffee or meeting for lunch I find is exactly what I need. If your thinking about a friend message them! If you see something that you think would be fun to do together ask them! Just make sure you book it, put it on the calendar. If you never put it on the calendar it won't happen! I try to go away for a night or two at least quarterly. Then every few weeks catch up with someone over coffee or lunch. I think it fills everyone's cups! This also goes for your partner, it's nice to spend time together doing something without the kids and different every few months at least.

5. This one is a new practice for me but it's journaling. I can see all the benefits of journalling so I've carved out time before bed (instead of aimlessly scrolling on social media). It's a much better habit anyways.

6. Make sure you communicate when you need this time to your partner. They aren't mind readers, although sometimes I assume they might be. So tell them you need a weekend, a morning, a night to yourself! 

First thing in the morning after I get out of the shower, I've also adopted the Mel Robbins "High-five" habit, I highly recommend this due to the benefits of giving yourself a high five, also set your intention for the day "today is going to be a great day!" I use my commute time to work to listen to podcasts or use it as my quiet time. My all time favourite podcast is 'On Purpose' with Jay Shetty. 

Give yourself permission to say no to the things that aren't serving you as well. It's okay to take a relaxing bath instead of going out for dinner. 

I hope these few ideas help you to find some time for yourself to keep being the awesome mom that you are! Be kind to yourself!

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