Stay Safe in Style: The Importance of Hi-Vis UPF Swim Clothing

Stay Safe in Style: The Importance of Hi-Vis UPF Swim Clothing

Here at Sun Safe On The Lake Ltd, we're all about protecting our kids from the sun's harmful rays while ensuring they stay comfortable and stylish in our UPF 50+ swim and sun clothing, all made right here in Canada. But beyond sun protection, there's another essential aspect of safety that we are axcited to introduce: hi-vis clothing.

You might be wondering, what exactly is hi-vis clothing, and why is it important for our children? Well, let's dive in.

Hi-vis, short for high visibility, refers to clothing made with bright, fluorescent colours that are easily noticeable even from a distance. Think vibrant yellows, oranges, and greens that practically scream "look at me!" But it's not just about standing out in a crowd; hi-vis clothing serves a crucial purpose, especially when it comes to keeping our young adventurers safe near water.

Imagine a bustling beach on a hot summer's day, filled with families enjoying the sunshine and splashing in the waves. In such a busy environment, it's easy for children to wander off or get lost in the crowd. This is where hi-vis clothing comes into play. By dressing our kids in bright, attention-grabbing colours, we make it much easier for us – and lifeguards – to keep an eye on them, even in the midst of a sea of people.

But hi-vis clothing isn't just useful on crowded beaches. It's visibility is equally important in open water settings, such as lakes, rivers and even pools, where children might be swimming or participating in water sports. In case of an emergency or if a child accidentally drifts too far from shore, the bright colours of hi-vis clothing can make it easier for rescuers to spot them quickly in critical situations. A study was done by ALIVE that showed the best colours for visibility on the lake were neon yellow/green/orange while the best in a pool situation were neon pink and neon orange. 

Of course, none of us like to think about worst-case scenarios, but as parents, it's our responsibility to be prepared and take precautions to keep our children safe. By incorporating hi-vis clothing into our sun-safe arsenal – along with the very important life jackets, sunscreen, and constant supervision – we're proactively planning for safety, ensuring that our kids can enjoy their outdoor adventures with added peace of mind.

Here's the exciting news: Launching April 2024 is Sun Safe's hi-vis colour line for babies and kids. So, whether you're planning a beach day, a lakeside picnic, or a family boating excursion, get ready to outfit your young adventurers in hi-vis clothing from Sun Safe On The Lake Ltd. Not only will they be protected from the sun's rays in style, but they'll also stand out in any crowd, ensuring that they're always visible and safe, no matter where their adventures take them.

Stay safe, stay sun smart, and stay stylish with Sun Safe On The Lake's hi-vis clothing for kids. Because when it comes to our children's safety, there's no such thing as being too visible.

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